Machine: 1954 Singer 99K Knee Lever Control

In December I added another Singer to my modest collection, a 1954 99K! It has a bentwood case and runs very nicely. It had no accessories, but as it shares common bobbins, feet and needles with my 201 machines, I'm not bothered. As usual, the TFSR manuals were my first stop.

Auction photo.

Beside my 1951 201K.

Back-tack, not true reverse.

I removed the screw inside the bobbin area which a lot of guides suggest not removing. I can see why they say that, but although the condition of the machine is good, it can't have been cleaned for decades. I had to open up the bobbin area to be thorough.  The TFSR manual made it easy, but it took two attempts to put the bobbin area back together, the first time I did not have the clearance right and the machine would not sew, but I followed the steps again more carefully and figured out the acceptable positioning, and the machine now works beautifully again. It is a tricky little area!

Another area of concern was the bentwood case... the smell! Blergh. Mould, I guess. I wiped all the wood and particularly the inside of the case and tray area out with a heavy-duty cleaner, put it out to dry in the boiling Australian summer sun, and then wiped it with a generous amount of eucalyptus oil. The smell is faint now, weeks later.

Before and after.
A cloth over my finger with denatured alcohol with a few drops of boiled linseed oil soon made the bentwood case shine again.


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