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1957 201K23 Electric - Cleaning Part 3

I've resolved my table problem for this machine! I'm sorry to say that I do not have any miracle solution for getting bad odours out of wood - I had to buy a new table.

I had been watching the local classifieds for several weeks and amongst a half dozen vintage machines I wanted to buy, I'd seen a Singer table advertised. It was expensive at $110. Then, I saw the ad again yesterday and the price had been lowered to $60, still pricey, but better. It was a two hour drive to collect the table, but I made a nice day of it with my 6-year-old, we had lunch and then went to the beach.

The table is clean, sound, and has no smell. It does have two problems:
It has been sprayed it with varnish, quite thickly, on top and inside. I'll be using my trusty Citrus Strip to take that off in the near future.The arm which holds the tabletop when lowered, is missing. It was missing on both tables, so maybe it was weak part? The original table did have a spring still inside it, which I oile…